Pastoral Ministry to the Niagara Medical Campus
Pastoral Ministry to the Niagara Medical Campus
Official Diocesan Shrine of St Jude
Official Diocesan Shrine of St Jude

Message from Augie

Peter’s profession of faith was, no doubt, an unclouded moment.   One that suddenly turned dark and stormy.  In the dark and the storms of life, we often have to let Jesus “take the wheel” as Carrie Underwood sings for us.

 Every time that the rain is beating down hard at the cabin, and that has been a lot lately.  The sky blackens.  The rain covers the other side of the lake.  You really cannot see.  At times it can be very scary.  You just cannot see.

In today’s Gospel, Peter is high on a mountaintop when he declares, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”  Then Jesus tells them that he is going to Jerusalem to suffer and be killed.   It was like a deep fog descended:  Peter could not see the road ahead.  In fear and uncertainty, he shouted out  ”NOOOOOO!!!!”   That will never happen to you!   Peter loved Jesus.   He cried out “no!” to that prediction of grief and disruption.  He couldn’t see because of the rain.  He had no idea what was happening.  The uncertainty of it blinded him with fear.

You and I, we can also be happily enjoying life when suddenly,  out of the blue, a fog descends.   A shutdown of the world in a pandemic.   An internal “WHOA!” to a diagnosis of cancer.  A sudden self-doubt that makes us unable to function…and we find ourselves lost in the downpour of life.  And we have no idea what lies ahead.  He whispers, “Move over.  Let me take the wheel.”





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